Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review

Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review

Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review







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                  • It’s a site with a very user friendly and superb platform
                  • It’s an experienced broker
                  • Intuitive Trading Platform
                  • They offer those that trade with them a convenient mobile app
                  • Up to 90% return on investment
                  • Slightly customizable trading platform
                  • Low minimum investment of $20
                  • No withdrawal fees in most cases, A great selection of account types
                  • Excellent training resources, Professional and Exceptional Customer Service
                  • USER'S RATING:
                    Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.


                  • No customers from USA accepted
                  Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review
                  Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review

                  This post will provide you all about the UBinary Binary Options Broker Reviews such as: UBinary trading reviews, UBinary customer reviews, UBinary trading platform reviews and some helpful feature for your trades. You should read this UBinary broker review before making decision. Is it really suitable for you?

                  This UBinary broker is founded in 2011 and they have more 60 assets in global markets. They are a decent site with really excellent potential. Their objective is making trader’s options trading as profitable as and smooth as possible. They want to reassure traders that the profits are far much greater than any risk. With UBinary you are unlikely to find broken links or grammatical mistakes on their trading platform. They have a professional and classy feel for traders to it. If you are a new traders with limited knowledge about trading options, they will provide you a training program and you can learn how to trade more professional with high return.

                  Basic Information of Ubinary:

                  • Online since: 2011
                  • Jurisdiction: UK
                  • Software: ParagonEX
                  • Max Returns: 90%
                  • Bonus: 100%
                  • Minimum Deposit: $100
                  • Minimum Investment: $20
                  • Maximum Investment: $5000
                  • Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
                  • Mobile: Yes
                  • Countries: All nations exclude US

                  Pros and cons of Ubinary


                  • It’s a site with a very user friendly and superb platform
                  • It’s an experienced broker
                  • Intuitive Trading Platform
                  • They offer those that trade with them a convenient mobile app
                  •  Up to 90% return on investment
                  • Slightly customizable trading platform
                  • Low minimum investment of $20
                  • No withdrawal fees in most cases
                  • A great selection of account types
                  • Excellent training resources
                  • Professional and Exceptional Customer Service


                  • USA traders are not allowed
                  • Does not offer one-touch options

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                  Review the broker about some main features:

                  • Deposit bonus: Like other brokers, the bonus of uBinary provided differs depending on your initial deposit. They offer different sign up bonus with different trading account. On the standard account level you will receive about 30% bonus amount, on the gold account you can receive 40% bonus or the same on platinum account (limited $5,000). Traders will have other incentives to apply include educational packs, the one-on-one trading session, free trading signals, access to a personal account manager or daily market analysis.
                  • Payout: Sometimes before making decide the broker to trade with, the payout ratio of binary options brokers will confuse you. Remember that, the payout ratios at uBinary are not fixed and depend on the asset traded as well as the conditions of the markets. For general, you can reach an average of 85% and up to 90% return.
                  • Deposit and withdrawal options: It’s really simple and easy for traders to deposit because they accept all the payment methods. You can try deposit through Credit Card, Bank transfer, PayPal account, e-wallet,.. You will be advised which type of account will be suitable for your trading needs.

                  When you want to withdraw your profits you have to provide some required information to verify your trading account. Immediately when they have your required document, they needs amount of time for processing withdrawals. With uBinary the minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

                  • Type of accounts: There are many account levels available for traders in the uBinary patform. Each account level has its own special features and benefits. Trader Protection Insurance, Free training is provided in all account levels. There is no special maintenance fee and demo account.

                  Micro Account: The most basic account on the platform is micro account with 25% bonus. They provide Advanced Training Guide, free uBinary signals, up to 75% payout amount and amazing Flip option with Buy Me Out present.

                  Standard Account: This account level for all the types of traders, you can start with this account if you have the basic knowledge of the trading platform. You will be received 30% bonus to open a standard account. They provide Advanced Training Guide and tree trading tools, you can also to have own personal broker to help you with all your trades. With Standard account you can get free uBinary signals for unlimited periods with great payout amount of about 80%.

                  Gold account: If you are an experienced trader, the Gold account is really a great choice for you, when you first deposit you will get 40% bonus. They offer many other feature include a Personal broker, Advanced Training Guide and unlimited access to signals. You will get up to 90%payout amount with Gold Account.

                  Platinum Account: This is the most prestigious account in uBinary trading platform. You will get a bonus up to $5000. It’s a professional account with all the benefits of Gold account and some excellent payout of up to 95%.

                  • Minimum deposit Like other brokers when you want to open an account, you have to deposit an amount. The minimum amount of uBinary is $100 to deposit an account to trade.
                  • Trading tools: They have many options for traders can select to trade in at uBinay. They are used everywhere but they have some few twisted from uBinary to make experience as enjoyable and unique as possible. They are:

                  The Above/Below options: This is slight variation from high/low. The above/below has very high return but has higher risk. It last from 2 to 5 minutes.

                  Option Builder: This provides the trader more flexibility and traders get to choose the payout or the return, the expiry period and the asset they want the trade to take. Option Builder provides greatly high return but high risk losing all your money.

                  Long term trading option: Traders use it as an investment method and this option is fast catching up. It has expiry periods of up to one year true to its name.

                  • Customer Service: They provide their customers support via email, phone call or live chat with 24/6 support. You will like uBinary because they offer an amazing service.
                  • Multiple Asset Investing :uBinary has several trading asset, they are stocks, commodities, currencies and indices.


                  Commodities: Gold, Corn, Oil, Natural Gas, Silver

                  Indices: NASDAQ-100, Dow Jones, S&P 500, DAX 30, FTSE 100, CAC 40, Nikkei 225

                  Stocks: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Exxon Mobil, Nike, Coca-cola, IBM, AIG, CitiGroup, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney, Manchester United, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Rosneft, Sberbank, Twitter, Barclays, HSBC, Renault, bnp Paribas, Deutche Bank, BMW, Dar AL Arkan, Etihad Etisalat, SABIC, Al Rajhi Bank. Saudi Jayan, Shara Petrochem, Maaden, AliBaba, Amer Group, COM INTL BK, ZAINKSA, Ash-Sharqiya Dev Co.

                  • Expiry Time Info: 30 sec, 60 sec, 2min, 5min, 30 min, 1 hr, 24h, End of Day, End of Week
                  • Payout of Maximum Percentage: uBinary has a really high payout ratio return, with uBianry you can reach up to of 90% return.
                  • Multiple Languages: uBinary just offers three languages available for trader. They are English, French and Arabic.
                  • Country available: This is an international binary options broker. But if traders are from USA that not accepted.
                  • uBinary app: uBinary has mobile app for Android and iOS devices for you to download from Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively. The main word to use when talking about the uBinary app is simplicity. All trade options and assets information are found. The app is custom made for smooth touch experience with little for error.

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                  Best strategy to trade with Ubinary binary options broker

                  Trading binary options is not a simple process, although you think it just choose the asset then make a prediction. After that, you can lose money of makes money. Trading binary options has many risks so you have binary option strategies which can help you to earn yourself profit and improve your odds quicker.

                  Bear Trading and Basic Bull

                  Some strategies are based on general Bearish and Bullish market. Bullish market is traders expect upward trend to continue. That means taking Above positions in the market. Traders expect a recovery after hitting a low point on the market. Conversely, trader will take a bearish approach when the market prices are trending downwards. Often asset will reach a peak and then trend to downward.

                  Straddle Trading:

                  When the general trend is not clear, there is an additionally strategy is straddle trading that you can able to minimize your losses and especially maximize your potential profits.


                  There are great uBinary binary options broker review with their unique and innovative additions to their platform. The uBinary brand is growing and if they maintain the same innovative pace, they will continue to grow. They provide traders a trading process simple, professional and safe to trade in binary options. They have won a few awards for their financial management. You should visit their site and starting earning.

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                  Hope with this Ubinary Binary Options Broker Review post will help you really understand about this broker, should find other brokers that maybe suitable for your choice here.

                  User’s Reviews:

                  amazing customer service

                  5 5 1
                  They have an amazing customer service. They are really patient and helpful with all my question when I meet the problems. Really responsive and dedicated support team.

                  The payout ratio is great

                  5 5 1
                  UBinary offers a wide range of assets for traders to trade on their platform. Their payout ratio is great, I can reach about 80% payout amount for some trades.

                  Excellent trading platform

                  5 5 1
                  They have good trading term and excellent trading platform. Traders can deposit their minimum initial deposit amount is only $100. It’s really low for new traders.

                  They provide me a great trading platform

                  5 5 1
                  I will suggest this company for everyone. I had very good experience with their site, I even become a member. They provide me a great trading platform to trade and professional customer service with high return for traders.

                  I get a really high return

                  5 5 1
                  I opened an account with $1000 one month ago. It’s really an great experience with uBinary, I get a really high return and good customer service. I wish I knew they sooner.

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