Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review

Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review

Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review







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                  • Accepted Methods of Deposit:, Bank Wire, MasterCard, Visa, CashU, Maestro, Diners Club. Skrill/Moneybookers
                  • The platform is simple to use and available in many languages
                  • High Returns on Investment
                  • Professional and Exceptional Customer Service
                  • Small minimum investment
                  • They have a massive asset list and good range of expiry times
                  • Anyoption provide 15% moneyback if your trade is “out of the money”
                  • USER'S RATING:
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                  Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review[/caption]

                  Before making decision, you have to research all about the AnyOption Binary Options Brokers Reviews including: AnyOption trading reviews, AnyOption Customer reviews, AnyOption trading platform reviews with so many helpful features for your trades. This post will provide you whole information that you need about AnyOption.

                  AnyOption has known as one of the leading and renowned binary options platforms across the world since it launch in the year 2008. AnyOption binary options platform has a wide range of assets for traders to trade in. They have up to 200 assets today and professional customer team. There are several aspects that make this broker become a best choice for traders among many binary options traders such as free monthly withdrawal processing and swift. Our post is reliable and honest review of this broker and suitable for new traders want to research before making decision to trade.

                  Basic Information of Anyoption:

                  • Basic information:
                  • Online since: 2008
                  • Jurisdiction: Cyprus
                  • Software: AnyOption
                  • Max Returns: 80%
                  • Bonus: 100%
                  • Minimum Deposit: $250
                  • Minimum Investment: $25
                  • Maximum Investment: $20000
                  • Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
                  • Mobile: Yes
                  • Countries: All nations excl. USA

                  Pros and cons of Anyoption


                  • Accepted Methods of Deposit:, Bank Wire, MasterCard, Visa, CashU, Maestro, Diners Club. Skrill/Moneybookers
                  • The platform is simple to use and available in many languages
                  • High Returns on Investment
                  • Professional and Exceptional Customer Service
                  • Small minimum investment
                  • They have a massive asset list and good range of expiry times
                  • Anyoption provide 15% moneyback if your trade is “out of the money”


                  • There is no demo account
                  • Anyoption are not regulated just like most of the brokers in the market.
                  • They have no bonuses or promotions
                  • USA traders are not allowed

                  OPEN FREE DEMO ACCOUNT

                  Review the broker about some main features:

                  • Deposit bonus: In order to receive a bonus you don’t even need to deposit any money amount with AnyOption. You need to contact the customer support once you open your account and then ask for your no deposit bonus. We’re sure you will immediately be awarded $100 dollars to trade with AnyOption. You will use this money amount as a type of demo account because you will need to familiarize with this platform without any risks to your funds. If you are good at trading and you can make some money with this bonus starting amount you will able to withdraw it. This AnyOption bonus is really an interseting demo account. It seems pretty fair to us and of course you can profit from it very much.
                  • Payout: we’re sure that payout of brokers will confuse you before making decision to trade with. This AnyOption provides good return on your money anywhere from 65% to 80% depending on what your expiry time as well as trading. If your prediction on your trade incorrect AnyOption also will guarantee you 15% of your initial deposit back. Although their payout ratio is not the highest but this money back guarantee makes AnyOption is a very good choice.
                  • Deposit and withdrawal options: The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the minimum trade amount is $25. AnyOption is a trusted name with great quality regarding deposit and withdrawal policy in trading. All common transaction options are supported and covered by AnyOption. All transactions performed and processed quickly and simply, they are all secure on your account. Traders can make transactions with credit cards (Master, Visa and Maestro), WebMoney, La Caxia, Poli, au, Ukash, American Express, Santander, iDEAL, Poli, Sofort, Cash U, Moneybookers, eps and teleingreso. It takes about 3 business days to process the withdrawal requests from AnyOptiom customers. Withdrawals are fast and simple. With AnyOptio there is no minimum withdrawal amount and you have one free withdrawal each month and it costs $30 each additional withdrawal during that month.
                  • Type of accounts: AnyOtption don’t reveal its bonus deals in its site that is one of the strange policies, they will give bonus to the deposits of customers. Traders will receive bonuses vary between 25% and 100%. To get bonuses traders need to open an account with AnyOption by clicking “Open Free Account” button on this site. They won’t reveal any information about their VIP programs with the same policy continues.
                  • Minimum deposit: like other binary options brokers, before you want to trade you have to deposit your account. With AnyOption you can deposit the minimum amount is $250. This $250 funding requirement is quite standard across the industry. Additionally AnyOption has a $25 minimum per trade.
                  • Trading tools:

                  Option+: traders can sell their options by using this facility before their expoiry-times elapse. You can choose to close binary option at displayed quotes price by clicking the “Get Quote” button on the Option+ screen or continue to wait until expiration.

                  One Touch: In order to choose a target level that the price of selected asset must  touch within a chosen period of time at least once to finish in-the-money traders can use this feature. This contracts pay-out more larger returns than original binary options.

                  Take Profit: Traders can opt when this feature generates an alert active trade records an in-the-money status. Traders can wait until expiration or close their positions prematurely at profit.

                  Roll Forward: Traders are informed their positions are out-of –the-money before expiration. Traders can choose to extend their expiry times.

                  Profit line: You can view detailed graphs which provide useful and valuable information about your current position options.

                  • Customer Service: AnyOption has available 7 languages as well as the professional and well trained support staff members. You will like their “call me back” site feature. you will receive a call back within an hour by a member of staff. AnyOption has staff working around the clock and they will solve your any problem quickly.
                  • Multiple Asset Investing: One of the most important things that you need to know before you start your trade is choose the commodities. AnyOption has a wide range of assets available for traders. They are stocks, commodities, currencies and indices.

                  There are about thirty six indices from Asia pacific, America, Europe, Middle East. They are some of these indices such as S & P 500 from America, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, CAC 40, Bombay 30, DAX etc from Europe, KOSPI etc from Asia pacific and Dubai and Tel Aviv 25 from the Middle East.

                  There are nine currency pairs in which you can trade. The forex of Anyoption is more lucrative and simpler than traditional forex market. They are Euro and Pound sterling, Australian and American dollar, American and New Zealand dollar, American dollar and Japanese Yen etc.

                  There are four different commodities are listed in AnyOption asset index they are old, copper, silver and oil.

                  There are several of stocks from all over the world. They are Exxon, JP Morgan Chase, Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Allianz, British Petroleum, BBVA, Morgan Stanley etc from America; Deutsche bank, Telecom Italia etc from Europe etc.

                  • Expiry Time Info: Traders have many options to choose different expiry times such as :

                   End of the hour

                  End of the day

                  End of the week

                  End of the month

                  • Payout of Maximum Percentage: AnyOption provides payout from 65% to 80%, this payout is average among other brokers. If there is not profitable trade, traders will receive refund between 0-25%.
                  • Multiple Languages: AnyOption has a range of languages provided on the platform such as: English, Arabic, Russian Japanese,, Spanish, French Indonesian,, German, Italian, Malay Greece, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Finnish, Turkish, Portuguese, Norwegian.
                  • AnyOption App: AnyOption provides a mobile app for both IOS and android. The application fully features and replicates trading of the standard platform. They offer a great tool for traders to allow they place trades anytime.

                  DOWNLOAD APP HERE

                  Best strategy to trade with Anyoption binary options broker

                  Breakout Trading Strategy: It based on the use of its technical analysis and trader can identify trading opportunities. Generally, traders will look for major areas of resistance and support, these areas will take place the trading transaction.

                  Correlation Trading Strategy: This is a sophisticated trading strategy, it based on the interrelationship between prices of two different assets.

                  Fence Trading Strategy: This strategy help a trader optimize the trade potential and protect his trading investment. When prices are fluctuating up and down in between a range this is the best situation to use this trading strategy.

                  News Trading Strategy: This is one of the simpler strategies. There are many traders that rely heavily on this type of strategy and they usually have a strong foundation in fundamental analysis.

                  Range Trading Strategy: When the price of an asset is fluctuating within a price range traders will use this strategy.

                  Swing Trading Strategy: It occurs within a short time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Traders identify the possible breakouts points and this is a heavy reliance of technical analysis to help traders.

                  Trend Trading Strategy: They are also known as the Bullish/Bearish trading strategy. This is a traditional strategy and help traders maximizing investment or knowing when to exit the market.


                  Our post provides you all the AnyOption binary options broker review. As we know AnyOption offers to its trader straightforward and detailed trading experience. They have a smooth platform and they offer all the necessary features to trade as profitably and divide risk as possible. This is really a good choice for traders to trade with.

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                  Hope with this Anyoption Binary Options Broker Review post will help you really understand about this broker, should find other brokers that maybe suitable for your choice here.

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